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I'm Still Here!

Hello, if there's anyone out there watching this community, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, still here, and still writing. Unfortunately, I'm a little behind on season 2 and have been super, mega, uber busy with class and work lately.

I'll try to get this one story I started ages ago - Rebecca and Aidan - finished and posted ASAP, although, I know I'm a little (lot) late with that one considering what happens to them. In the mean time, if anyone out there has been inspired lately, I'd love to read some of your work.

Sorry again for the dry spell!
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Busy busy busy!!

Hello all humans and "others"

I feel terrible that I've created this group and never post to it, I'm just getting settled in at school again (going for my masters, yay!) and I don't have internet at my apartment yet. I have stories pending but I don't know when I'll get the chance to finish, proof-read and post, between my teaching assistantship and my own course load, it may still be a little while.

I would LOVE to read anything you guys might have written for this fandom, seriously! Don't be bashful lurkers! Pick up the slack :)

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Fic: Secrets (1/1)

Here's a little ficlet that I wrote for my creative writing class. The prompt was to write a monologue for a character who has done something illegal, immoral, gross, or unkind and make us sympathize.

Fandom: Being Human
Title: Secrets
Characters: Aidan, Josh
Rated: PG
Summary: Follows Aidan's train of thought after his night with Rebbecca.
Comments: Always appreciated!

Click here for Secrets
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Welcoming all Being Human fans!

Hello everybody! I write fiction, however; life usually keeps me too busy to write or post regularly in any of my chosen fandoms.

I am starting this community with the hopes that writers will feel free to post anything related to Being Human. And it doesn't have to be stories! It can be links to interviews, news about the cast, or even artwork/icons.

Because of my hectic schedule, I won't be able to keep tabs on the community 24/7, but  I'd like to have a home for all the fans of Syfy's newest vampire/werewolf series.


     1. If you post your fiction, please make sure to rate it, G, PG, PG13, R, NC17, Adult/Mature, or some way that will allow younger viewers to steer clear if they are not of age.

     2. Stealing is bad so... don't plagiarize! If you want, you can refer a story from someone else, but make sure to give them the proper credit.

     3. Use common sense. I'm sure there are 'rules' I'm forgetting. Just play nice :)

Everyone is welcome to join and post! Enjoy!